A timeline slide is an overview of the project that provides a sequential order of events and information. It shows different steps of project implementation within a specific time course. It usually exhibited by a horizontal or vertical line which shows the affiliation between steps and duration of each step. Timelines can also use for laying out historical events and biographies.

As I knew, timeline slide is a necessary element for most of the projects. It has different types and you can select any type based on your needs and your purposes.

Just keep in mind, the goal here is to use our information and visualize them in the best way possible to make sure your audiences interpretation of slides is easy and tranquil. You can design a timeline slide manually with two methods:

1. SmartArt timeline slide

First, go to the Insert tab, and make a new blank slide. Then, click Smart Art, and select a timeline style from the Process menu. Select any one that reserves best for your purpose, these timelines can be easily edited.

One other option to change styles is to use the same timeline and go to design and choose your desired style. For example, in this case, I choose 3-D metallic scene and apply it on my timeline. It is better to use text pane in the design tab to enter the text in the timeline. Also, we could put a header timeline at the above of the slide.

2. Customize timeline slide

The first step is to open a blank slide, then we go on shapes and we select a chevron arrow and make some copies of it on the screen (as many as you need).

Then we select all of them and go on Home, arrange and distribute horizontally and align them. By doing so, you can take advantage of using the entire slide.

Then enter any information that you want in your chevron arrows, it could be stages, deadlines, years, …

After that open some text box and enter your information in them, don’t forget to adjust the text. To make your timeline slide more vivacious, go to the Transitions tab and click on one of the transitions. Your timeline slide is ready, for checking that everything is ok and well-designed, press f5 key.

The interesting point about the timeline slide that it’s not a finished work and whenever you want, it is possible to open it and change it in accordance with your project development.

Now you’ve learned how to turn your timeline from scratch to timeline slide.

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to design your slides or you want to make this job easier and faster. In such cases, you can download ready to use PowerPoint Templates.

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